Mississippi Baptist Foundation
Friday, June 05, 2020

College Scholarship Application



The deadline for academic year 2020-2021 award application submissions has been amended from April 30 to May 15. Due to the unusual circumstances in which many students and families find themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mississippi Baptist Foundation has extended the scholarships application window for this year.



2-3.  For Academic Year:    20  -  20

4.  College:      
Means of Identification
5.  College student  ID number:  
Submit your Application online, or print
and mail it to the address below:
P.O. Box 530
Jackson, MS 39205-0530
Phone: 1-800-748-1651, 601-292-3210


6.  Name:    
7.  E-Mail: 8.  Phone:
9.  Mailing address:  
                                       (include city, state, zip)
10.  Home town:
11.  Marital status:         12.  Spouse's name:
                                                                                                                 (type N/A if single)
13.  Number of dependents:                     14.  Relationship:
            (type N/A if no dependents)                                                    (type N/A if no dependents)
15-16.  Are you a licensed minister?                 Ordained minister? 
17.  Are you a member of a Southern Baptist church that actively cooperates with the Mississippi Baptist Convention? 
18.  If "yes," how long have you been a member?     
                                                                                          (if "no" type N/A)
19.  Name of church where you are currently a member: 
20.  Pastor’s name:  
(if your church is currently without a pastor: provide name of senior staff member, including position)
21.  Pastor's address: 
(include city, state, zip)
(if you are currently serving as a pastor: provide the information of your association's AMD)

22.  Current/expected college degree program:  
23-24.  Start date:    Expected graduation date:
25.  Classification by hours completed in degree program:  
Students classified as freshmen or sophomores should refer to the Foundation's updated scholarship policy.
26-27.  Hours complete in college degree program:          Cumulative GPA: 

28.  Hours enrolled or expected to be enrolled in fall semester:  
29.  Number of enrolled hours to be completed through online coursework: 
30-31.  Briefly share how you are involved in ministry as a student at your current school:
 I am aware that my application is incomplete without the above information:    
32-33.  Briefly share your Christian testimony, goals, and vocational and/or ministry pursuits: 
I am aware that my application is incomplete without the above information:    
34-35.  Briefly share how receiving an MBF scholarship will assist you in meeting your educational goals:
 I am aware that my application is incomplete without the above information:   
36.  I understand that my application will not be complete until the Foundation has received by mail a signed letter of recommendation from my pastor.  

I attest that the information given is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and hereby (by entering my name below) authorize release of academic or financial information necessary for the review of this application.
37.  Applicant’s full name:      
38.  College student ID number:  

The Mississippi Baptist Foundation must have a student ID number assigned to you by your college to ensure proper credit of any scholarship awards.