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Saturday, November 28, 2015

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Promoting Christian Estate Stewardship

The Foundation promotes estate stewardship by offering three general seminars. Each seminar is designed to fit into the time allotted during discipleship training or perhaps a group luncheon.  To schedule one or all of the seminars at no cost to your church, please call the Mississippi Baptist Foundation. 

 Will Seminar -- features a discussion of the Last Will and Testament and its importance, including a discussion of valid Wills in Mississippi, the probate process, estate taxes, property ownership, and gifts to the Lord's work. 

Investment Seminar -- features a discussion of investments to help individuals understand the concept of risk vs. return, the importance of asset allocation, and the various classes of assets that can be used to meet an individual's investment objective. 

Financial Gifts Seminar -- features a discussion of the tax advantages and the methods for making charitable gifts, including outright gifts, appreciated property gifts, insurance gifts, and life income gifts such as the charitable remainder trust, gift annuity, and the pooled income fund. 

The Foundation gladly works with individuals who desire to make a gift, generally an endowment or a life income gift, to any Mississippi Baptist or Southern Baptist cause or mission.  Perhaps there is someone in your Church who could benefit from the services and ministry of the Mississippi Baptist Foundation.  

Trust Administration Services

Investment Management Services